How To Reach That Screaming Orgasm EveryTime!

Nothing feels more wonderful than having a full body orgasm. Most women cum more when they are home alone than with their partners…. why is that? I’m going to be brutally honest here folks, I climax every time I have sex with my man. I am THAT woman. It’s true, and I’m not at all sorry about it. However, what I can do is share a little insight into what’s going on in my lustful brain and throbbing loins when I’m being fucked every which way.

There is no formula for a female orgasm, it’s really a mental thing. And should you ever get that rare magical moment when your brain and your vag comes together to shakes hands… hallelujah!!

Remember, a lot of what happens down there, starts in your mind. Kinky talk, gestures, rough play, roll play, or anything that turns on your brain, will get those juices flowing! If you haven’t already done this test with your partner, we highly suggest it!


Take control, don’t be shy! Straddle your man and show him how you like it; deep, slow or fast thrust’s, he won’t mind – I promise. But don’t go all Jack-in-the-box on him by bouncing up and down, you’ll get a much more incredible sensation when you slowly rock and grind against your partner. The face to face eye contact, the kissing, the teasing, the foreplay is endless. I especially enjoy whispering something dirty just as we are ready to explode – OMG just hearing yourselves moan and pant can make you cum, cum hard. Put on your favourite piece of lingerie on, because this is the ultimate point of view. I particularly love my lace cup-less remote vibrating teddy! The vibrator is a nice touch but you do not always need it. And most important when you are on top… be adventurous… reverse cowboy can be awkward but will definitely awaken your G-Spot!


There are too many condescending reports when it comes to girl on bottom sex and the lack of climaxing abilities. But let me share something phenomenal, you can totally cum in this position and heres how! Once he is inside you… close your legs and I mean squeeze your legs tight (he will slip in and out, but trust me it adds to the fun!!) Now make sure that while he is thrusting, that he is laying right on top of you, I mean let him put as much as his lower body weight against you as possible… the general motion of the thrust’s and the weight of his pelvis will rub up against your clit. You haven’t experience ultimate orgasm until you’ll cum’d with your man on top of you. And if you time it properly you can even hit climax at the same time! It’s AMAZING!!!


Honestly ladies, when you’re receiving oral sex its not the time to be coy – it’s time to lead, guide and be forceful. Literally. When I say forceful I mean, apply pressure by laying your hand on the back of his head and pull him in, exactly the way you want it. Now make sure you are vocal because all men need direction – and they love it. So tell him… don’t stop, right there, slow down, faster baby, yessssss!! My ultimate fave tongue action in order to cum is when my babes begins my gently licking around my clit, depending on my mood I like feeling him tasting every bit of me. As I’m tingling all over, he slowly licks his way down from my clit into me – here he can stick his entire tongue inside me, in and out… out and in. And honestly ladies, if your man dares…. let him lick your ass. Im not fucking with you. You will instantly cum once he begins licking your asshole. At the end of the day, when it comes to oral sex… he really cannot go wrong with a little guidance from the recipient 🙂


First and foremost, ensure his nails are trimmed and neat, this is integral before the finger foreplay begins. To achieve orgasm, my man does this crop circle motion with his fingers inside me usually starting off slow but really there is no rhyme or reason – it just feels GOOD! And the best part is while he is in there he uses his middle finger to penetrate me… and depending on my mood I will usually guide his hand to go in deeper, faster or slower like I would his cock. Then at the right moment he will turn over his hand, palm up and using his index finger and middle finger he will locate my G-Spot. Once he has found it, just lay back and enjoy the ride. Maybe if you’re feeling a little kinky add his other hand and have both go at it!! Sooo HOT!


Now this position is my absolute fave because YOU have complete control over your orgasm. To start I love bending over a table or sofa arm, because being on al fours is sexy, but can do a number on your knees and back. Next try and forget the strip, leave a little bit on and every time you wear that outfit again you will have very fond memories. Once you’re in a comfortable bent over position, give yourself a hand by using your fingers or a vibrator to stimulate your clit as your partner thrusts for a climax twice as powerful. Make sure you experiment in this position too, grab some lube and switch up from vaginal to backdoor play -this is one of the easiest ways to bring in some fabulous Anal Play (we don’t suggest going back and forth though)!


Now at the end of the day, in order for any man to be able to please you to pleasure, you need to be able to make yourself cum, be it vaginal orgasm, clitoral or finding your G-Spot – if you haven’t been successful, how dare you expect him to be. So before I go, I’m going to give you a few tips on masturbating, now again, I am no expert and all, what I am sharing are some of my personal experiences that have brought me to sexual bliss.

Here we go… clear your mind and focus on your clit, I find  having a clitoral orgasm is far easier than a vaginal orgasm when masturbating. Gently rubbing it with your fingers, massaging it slowly and gradually build up how intensely you touch it as you reach climax, then as you climax, ease right off as it will be incredibly sensitive to touch. A great tool for this are the wands!

Now try to find your G-Spot, unlike your clit, the G-spot is located inside your vagina on the front wall. You can make a “come here” motion with your fingers to massage it or you can press your fingers against it and move your arm around to stimulate it. It’s really up to you to find what your enjoy the most. We have found that one of the best G-Spot Stimulators comes from NJOY!

Tell us below if you have any other suggestions to reach that wonderful screaming O!


7 Tips For The Perfect Blowjob – said by her

So the reality is, guys think they have to teach a girl how to give them perfect head. And here I am, not so much a pro, but i am about to reveal to you ladies what I have been told has been the ultimately perfect blowjob.

Let’s be honest ladies, we are living in the 21st century, and there is a tool for everything.. including the perfect blowjob (see here). So, let’s beat out that robot!

For starters, it’s not so much about your experience but really how enthusiastic you are when you are about to drop to your knees.

  1. Great blowjobs are visual and stimulates a mans mind visually. Try a blowjob selfie – I kid you not, I said blowjob selfie! One look at this selfie and you’ll be married at first site. Sexy selfies and sexy snapchats are the way we live in this technological day and age. Here are some quick selfie pointers…. open your eyes and relax your face while his cock is placed gently on your tongue and keep your mouth slightly open. Trust me… he will be fantasizing this moment for days to come and anticipating the moment you send him this photo.
  2. Don’t forget to keep the task at hand! Whether its the foreplay prior to the blowie or the post cum stroking… nothing is more disappointing than a man receiving an all star blowjob and you didn’t admire his cock once. Im not saying place the penis on a pedestal but show a happy admiration for the cock you are about to or have just swallowed.
  3. Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolly Lolly Lolly!! Haha, Im not even kidding you! I have found that men love when you show tongue. They love when you lick up and down the shaft, you’ll know he is enjoying this when he grabs your head and angles you in a way he can watch you closer. Be playful at this moment, make eye contact – on occasion, don’t stare and trust me when i say, he wants to hear you as you  lick and kiss and suck his cock. Just remember… always come up for air!
  4. Go Deep, I know I know… but its so big! But ladies, let me tell you something… our men love to at least watch us TRY and swallow them whole. Now you don’t have to go all deep throat on your first try, this could take months of practice but really show some enthusiasm wile you’re sucking his cock and you’ll hear his excitement immediately!
  5. Get ready for the Cum Shot 🙂 Having your man shoot his seed on your face can bring far more pleasure for both of you than you realize. But ensure you do your best to keep your eyes open, even make sure you maintain eye contact and once he’s cum all over your face, use your finger… wipe it off and lick your cum drenched fingertips. Trust me when I say, this will put a smile on both your faces.
  6. Glam it up! Visit your favourite adult sex shop like and seek out the sexiest lingerie you can find. From personal experience, I found that if I dressed like a porn star, i’ll feel and act like a porn star! And ladies… dressing kinda slutty doesn’t equate to you being slutty – just use your imagine and this will ensure he uses his as well!!
  7. Slow it down girlfriend! And honestly, the number one rule of thumb… NO TEETH!!!

Happy Blowjobs my lovelies! 🙂


In Love Forever hearts with hands - Adultiful.caWith Valentines Day lurking around the corner, whether you love it, hate it, or are indifferent to it, it’s definitely a day for you to show your loved one how much you care.I know, I know..

A lot of people argue, why on Valentines Day? Well, let’s be real, a lot of the time, we do get so caught up in our lives, our jobs, our day to day, that the things that matter most often fall to the wayside. That’s why Valentines Day does matter – it’s a reminder that we have loved ones that need some attention, some tender love and care.

So, with Valentines Day just over a month away, we wanted to ensure that our lovelies, yes – you, start thinking about the upcoming “day of love” and expression of everything to do with it. You can jump to our Valentines Day collection if you’d like..

As we were writing this up, we thought that perhaps it would be interesting to share the history of Valentines Day with you, and then decided, well, maybe you just don’t care, or maybe you want to learn about it on your own accord, so, for those of you who are interested, you can learn about it here.

So, the big looming question is, what can you do to make the day special for your loved one?  So, we have some idea’s for you.. are you ready to make your partner feel like they’re a king or queen?

Remember, the whole idea here is to really show your partner that you care. And though some things might seem dumb, or stupid, or just a royal colossal waste of money, they do, nonetheless matter.  The prime example – the Valentines Day Card. If your partner is anything like my wife, who knows how much I can’t stand cards, I know how much she loves them, so a well thought out card to start off the day will go a long long way! Ohh yeah, you’d better write something meaningful inside too! (thought i’d mention this before someone accuses me of ruining their marriage because they gave an empty but well thought out card).

Now, since we have some time to think about the upcoming day, and some time to plan for it… it’s a Tuesday by the way, Tuesday the 14th of February. Let’s consider all the things we could do for our loved ones.. remember, this is a gesture for them, so, perhaps it’s a show you know they’ve really wanted to see, or perhaps it’s an opportunity to try something new together.. don’t worry, we’ll give you some ideas soon.. but for now, think about how you can present this to your partner..

I love adding a little mystery, so, I’d add something to the card saying, I need you to be home by X time, and I need you to be ready, wearing “X” clothing by “X” time for something special… This will make them anxious and leave them wondering and anticipating what’s to come at said “X” time.

Ok, so now they are off to work, I’d take this time to continue to show them how much you love and care.. and keep the anticipation at it’s peek. So, think about maybe sending some Edible Arrangements over to her work.. (i’d take this route over roses any day; it’ll make her feel special, make her coworkers a little jealous, and it’s not quite as tacky as roses). Include with the edible arrangements a note that speaks to what you have planned in a very secretive way.

At this point, you have given him/her a great morning, a great afternoon, and now it’s up to that great evening to seal the deal.

As you know from our previous writings, we are very big on the secretive art of pleasure through remote controlled devices in public. So, now it’s time to spice up the night a little bit. You want it to be sensual and fun, romantic and sexy, and lustful all at the same time. This ensures that when you get home, the night will just continue to get better and better.

At this point, I’d present him/her with something that you’re going to ask them to wear under their clothing for the night.. Keep in mind, we are preparing this list for varying degrees of experience and desires, so some may or may not be for you: Here are a few ideas for him and for her:

Some Ideas for Your Man For Valentines Day 2017:

There is the Remote Controlled Cock Ring..

Vibrating Cock RingOk, So, men either love cock rings or hate them. And at the same time, they are meant to provide enhanced pleasures during sex. That said, adding a remote controlled cock ring to his wardrobe for the evening will keep him on his toes as you continue to keep his anticipation building throughout the night. I just caution, don’t leave him with blue balls.

This cock ring boasts 10 functions with a dedicated power button to shut it off instantly. Best of all it will work from several feet away, so, if you’re sitting at a dinner table, you should have no problem controlling his penis.

I assure you, this will keep his mind in a constant state of sexual peek. Again, I do urge you to be cautious and ensure that he does not end up with blue balls, as this could be a night ruiner. Another thing to note is that, from a sexual perspective, both men and women will get the most pleasure through their minds rather than through physical touch.. so, when using this device, it’s great to attribute the sensation to something that you know they already love.

So, perhaps you whisper in their ear, as you turn it on the first time, every time you feel this sensation, I want you to think about me doing so and so to you later. Make sure “so and so” is something he absolutely LOVES! By doing this, you’re using some Neuro Linguistic programming and psychology to heighten the sensation. Ohh yeah, maybe pick out a great pair of underwear to help him conceal his boner throughout the night.

Have you ever considered a cock cage? This could make the night quite interesting as you are taking 100% of your mans power away from him. Only to release him from his cage later on and have him completely in a state of readiness to explode.

Another idea for your man, especially if he’s open to prostate pleasures, would be a remote control butt plug.

10 Function Remote Anal Climaxer Vibe in Black:

Remote Controlled Butt PlugBefore trying anything Anal, I urge you to know a very important fact. The Anal cavity is several feet long between the anus and the intestines. Unlike the vaginal opening which ends at the Cervix. This means, you can 100% get something lost up there and end up in the emergency room.. so, always be cautious with the toys you choose for anal play, and ensure that the fit has a base large enough to not end up inside you completely.

Ok, now that that is said, this toy boasts a 16.5 feet range and a single charge can run the motor for up to 3 hours continuously. Holy Moly! Best of all, it will fit comfortably between your butt cheeks for long term wear. This toy can be used much the same as the cock ring, and might even make him spew his pants in your company and out in public. Again, remember, both men and women will get the most pleasure through their minds rather than through physical touch, so definitely tie this in to something through suggestion and it will take things to a whole new level!

Some Ideas for Your Woman For Valentines Day 2017:

From the same ideas for men, here are some great suggestive items that can add some spice to the night for your lovely lady. The goal is to keep her in a constant state of heightened sexual energy throughout the night, so that when you get home, or even before that, you’ll be all over each other.

So, lets start with some sexy lingerie. Woman absolutely love lingerie for many reasons. Firstly, it makes her feel sexy knowing that your eyes are captivated by her beauty. She loves to turn you on, and though what she wears may not be super comfortable, she’ll oversee this, just to know she’s turning you on.  Choose something that you know you’ll both love, and your night will be off to a great start, even before you leave the house. Present this to her as something you’d like her to wear out that night under her clothing.

Now that you have that perfect under ensemble picked out, let’s add something spicy to it. Now, most women will get the most pleasure through clitoral stimulation, but you know your woman best, so be sure to choose the right toy for the way in which she gets most pleasure. We’ll focus on the clitoral stimulator to ensure ultimate pleasure.

blueMotion NEX1 Bluetooth and Wifi Remote Massager:

bluetooth panty vibrator - Adultiful.caThis has quickly become one of our favourite toys. Compatible with iPhones, iPads, or Android Devices through a dedicated App, this toy will give you all the rechargeable power with the added benefit of bluetooth capabilities.

Some details to know: It will require 1.5 to 2 hours to get a full charge. The full charge will give you up to a full hour of continuous use.. so, if you use it in spurts as you plan to, it will be good all night long! Whats the rang? Holy crap, a whopping 26 feet! This has all the power, range, and everything you could ask for from a remote controlled clitoral stimulator. And best of all, it’s not too loud, so there is some discretion there compared to some of it’s rivalling products.

I mentioned this is one of our favourites, and here’s why: We used this toy not too long ago as we went out for dinner. My wife just loves to give me full control of her body, and this toy does just that. I powered it up when she would order a drink, or speak to a waiter. She absolutely loved it.. then I’d power it up while suggesting sweet thoughts in to her ear, and it turned her on drastically..

By the time we were on our way home, she had removed her panties, opened her legs and started to touch herself on the way home. We were both so turned on by this that by the time we got home she was already completely naked in the car, and ran in to the house in her birthday suit. All be it, we were on a quieter street at the time.

If this one isn’t for you, there are a myriad of other remote control toys that you can take a look at.

Now that you’ve arrived at home, how can the night unfold from here? Well, if you’ve done everything as mentioned throughout the day, it’s unlikely you’ll need anything else for the night aside from 2 willing bodies (or maybe more depending on your relationship).

Perhaps a Little Sensual Play Would Keep Things Hot When You Get Home?

Thought about eating some chocolate off of your lover? Maybe providing him or her a great massage? Here are a few things that could keep things very exciting when you get home:

Deluxe Belgian Chocolate Body Paint Kit in Milk Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate Body Paint - Adultiful.caCreamy, dreamy and definitely decadent, mouthwatering Body Chocolate from Sensuous can be brushed, swirled or finger-painted playfully over a mate’s body, leaving behind a delicious design to be licked, sucked and nibbled.

From my experience, and depending on your bodies, it may be better to choose body parts wisely when using this. I say this, being a hairy beast, that is was definitely better eating it off of my lovers smooth body than she would eating it off of mine.. however, there were definitely some body parts that she found where she could enjoy licking the chocolate off of as much as I enjoyed her linking it. Ohh yeah, it’s delicious too! But Maybe you have some sensual massages in mind…

Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone

Ceramic Massage stone

I have a new found love for the art of massage, and can honestly say, that a loving massage from your loving partner can go a VERY VERY long way. Maybe put tender music on, grab some great massage oil and get going with this awesome ceramic massage stone that will glide so perfectly over your lovers body.

If adding the stone is not for you, you could always just use your hands. Just make sure you pic a great massage oil that will compliment your touch.

To sweeten the mood even further, candles can go a long long way. We do suggest though, if you’re doing either the massage, the chocolate, or a combination of both, definitely consider a sheet for your bed that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.. with my Egyptian cotton white sheets, we always protect our bed when we get in to play.

We, at Adultiful, wish you, our lovelies, a very happy Valentines Day!

If you have other ideas, share them with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear what you have planned!For other fun ideas, you can check out our Valentines Day Collection, which may spur some other thoughts you may have for a rock solid, super fun, romantic, and exhilarating Valentines Day with your lover.