A New Year, New You.. Explore Your Sexuality..in 2017

As you know, as a couple managing this rapidly growing adult oriented site, we are huge on continual exploration of our sexuality and all it has to offer! Real Canadians talking to Real Canadians…

So, in starting off 2017, we sat down and spoke about our goals, financial, sexual, travel, etc.. and wanted to share them with you, our super sexy readers!

Well, for the purpose of our top goals, we will focus more on the sexual. Hubba Hubba!

So, what is our number one goal of 2017? Well, we are determined to continue to provide an outlet for you, our lovelies, to explore the beautiful and ever evolving world of your sexuality, along with us!

For us, Adultiful is a huge part of our lives, we work tirelessly ensuring that we are providing great products to our loyal shoppers at great prices! We also work excruciatingly hard to provide Adult Canadians a judgement free zone where you can fulfill all of your needs and desires in one place. If you have questions on items, you have an outlet to ask them – anonymously too! We have a few more exciting things coming up in the new year, and we are super excited to share them with you as they go live. If you haven’t already, join our Super Sexy Exclusive VIP GroupWe will share with you, awesome new blog posts, products of the month and best sellers, coupon codes and discounts, and much much more! 

Our blogs posts are all about you, us, sexuality, needs, desires, kinks, fetishes, adventures and so on..

In starting off 2017, we are on a mission to explore everything sexual with you, our lovely readers. We will chose new products every month to try ourselves, and share our experiences with you. New positions every month, and best of all, new sexual adventures.

We couldn’t be more excited about what lurks around the corner, and are even more excited to share all of these adventures with all with you!

So, to start things off on the right front, we wanted to share with you our first new sex position of 2017, the T Squared Position.

T Squared Sex Position
By Seedfeeder (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia

So, Here’s how we rang in our new year, finishing some updates on Adultiful, we rushed to the bedroom to try this new position out. So, instead of just me telling you how it was from his perspective, we are going to tell you how it felt from each of our perspectives.

From His Perspective: Was super easy to get in to the position on the bed. Had her lay on her back, I positioned myself to sort of form the T that gives this position it’s name, lifted her legs and placed them over my hips, and began inserting my manhood in to her glistening female parts. I think she was quite excited at this point, perhaps it was everything we were reading and doing on Adultiful that led to a need for both of us to release our pent up sexual energy.

How’d it feel for him?: Man oh man, I love trying new positions where I feel my man pole pressed in a different way against my partners insides. This position was just that, a new way to feel my cock inside her, and god-damn, it felt amazing! Maybe need to work on this position a little more and build up that stamina 🙂

From Her Perspective: I love it when I get to lay back and enjoy the actions of my lover. This is one of those positions where all I needed to do, was just lay back and enjoy. He did blindfold me, which I think led to some newer sensations as I was in complete darkness, in a semi-vulnerable position, and feeling every inch of his cock inside me felt great. Since I am one who comes more readily from clitoral stimulation, I found that this position didn’t naturally provide that, but what it did provide was access for my hands to manually stimulate my clit. Hubby grabbed the Magic Wand and pressed it against my clit, and the combination of his cock and the wand – TaaaaDDdooowww!! EXPLOSIONS GALORE!

How’d it Feel for Her?: As (sort of) mentioned above, hubby really enjoys me on top, whether it’s cowgirl, reversed or other variations thereof. This position on the other hand had him doing most of the work. This for me was magical! Adding the wand to the mix was great, though in hindsight, perhaps it would have been even better if I took control of the wand and freed his hands to caress my breasts.

Bottom Line: We both really enjoyed this position and it was a great way to ring in 2017, the year of Sexual Adventure!

We’d love to hear from you, what are your thoughts about this position, our goals for 2017, and tell us, what would you like to see more of on Adultiful? Let us know in the comments below!


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