Sex Position of November 2016 – The Amazon

Are you ready to try and contort your bodies together in a way that will bring bliss and sexual satisfaction in ways that you’ve never experienced before? Well, it’s definitely time to try this baby out! Best of all, you do not need to add anything to this pleasure other than your willing partner!

Without further adieu, here is the AMAZON! Can you say HUBBA?

Amazon PositionWant to know why we absolutely LOVE this position? Well.. let’s just say, everything lands in all the right places, giving her MAXIMUM pleasure.There are also variations of this position, which we will get in to in a moment, but for now, let’s get in to the necessary steps to follow in order to ensure this is pleasurable for everyone involved!

Steps for the Amazon Position:

1.The man lays flat on his back and prepares himself for a little domination in this position.

  1. She positions herself over him and gently kneels forward using his thighs for support, do not insert his penis at this time as you want to ensure there won’t be any unnecessary strain on his man parts.
  2. As you position yourself in place, slowly insert his penis in to the vagina
  3. Be prepared to experience PLEASURE!

A variation of this position:

The Reverse Amazon, this would be like a reverse cowgirl, but in the amazon position. With this position, you can lean back a little, using his thighs as support.

Tell us in the comments below how you enjoyed this position.

Happy Exploring!


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