Sexual Fantasies, Common or not?

Being as though “human sexuality” has been a subject that has fascinated us for many years now, we found it fitting for this site, and our viewers, to share some very interesting data that we came across with you.

Human nature, the rapid availability of information through the internet, and the development of the porn industry have undoubtedly led to the expansion of our sexual minds. Perhaps our mouse took us to a page that opened our minds to something we once never imagined as a sexual desire, and now it’s grown on us.

In my research and studies, I always framed all of my interactions as “judgement free.” As such, a lot of people opened up to me and shared with me some of their deepest darkest desires and kinks. Through this, I learned one main principle – human sexuality varies drastically from person to person, and often even from gender to gender.

Well, the University of Montreal ran a study where they asked over 1500 Quebec adults (799 Men, and 719 Women, to be exact), about their sexual fantasies. The researchers categorized their results as either statistically rare with a result of 2.5% or less, unusual with 15.9% or less, common with more than 50% and typical with more 84.1%. The results were published to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Now, I do want to point out a few things here before you go ahead and compare your sexual fantasies to the data provided below and determine if your fantasy fits within the norm, or is more atypical in nature.

First of all, what is the statistical significance of this study? Being a psychology graduate, I feel the need to argue that this may be more statistically significant of the Francophone population rather than the Canadian population. Secondly, are the subjects of the study university students, professionals, or random people. What was the level of anonymity? Were people self conscious about sharing their true realities.

Well, below are the top 50 answers ranked from most typical to least. we have colour coded the columns a pinker shade and a blue shade to represent the man and woman, so it’s easier to follow as you scroll down).

I will say one thing though, that most interesting to me was the differences between men and women on some of these items. Seems men are more interested in sleeping with someone much younger, while women want to sleep with someone much older. Food for thought.

My bet is that a good portion of our readers and shoppers will not even find their desire on this list. Let us know what you think in the comments below..


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